Image Credit: Christy Dickman

Pesto Tasting

Helping in the Kitchen

My one year old son's name is Quinn. When he was born, his uncle nicknamed him Quinnster Finnster, which was eventually shortened to Finnster.  Look here for pictures of him "helping me" in the kitchen! 
Usually, I love it when he helps, but sometimes he tries to be too helpful; especially during photo sessions.  Lesson learned: photo sessions occur during nap time.

Goldfish First Birthday Party
Quinn recently turned one.  His blue and orange goldfish themed birthday party was adorable.  Thanks to Vanessa and Troy for the matching sweater and shirt.  Dad is jealous!  He wants one just like it.  Check out all my ideas on my post for Top Ate Goldfish Birthday Party Ideas here.

First Birthday Present!
As you can see, Quinn got the cozy coupe, his first ride, for his birthday.  He also got an all-terrian wagon.  He can't WAIT to ride in it at the next farmer's market.  We'll be sure to share pictures.

Eating Banana Bread Dip

Quinn likes to taste test mom's cooking.  You can see he REALLY liked the banana bread dip.  Also notice, he is outside.  Mom and especially dad are too concerned with banana bread dip being smattered on the floor and ceiling to allow this inside!

At the Pumpkin Patch

Quinn loved going to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin.  I think we will have to make this an annual trip.  That smiles gets me every time!

Quinn at Halloween
Quinn dressed up as a sock monkey for Halloween this year.  He went trick or treating at a local shopping center using his new all-terrain wagon!

When Quinn took his first steps, mom and dad were right there with the camera to video the occasion!  Wobble wobble!

C is for COOKIE!!

Enjoying some water at one of our favorite breakfast joints, The Spicy Green Bean.


Anonymous said...

Your son is so cute! Love the outfit too!

Anonymous said...

You have a very sweet helper!

Top Ate on Your Plate said...

Thanks! I think so too!

V Diddy said...

Love the video! What a cutie he is!

Smoky Kitchen said...

He is adorable. God bless