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A continual list of my eight edible ideas

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Each weekly post includes my list of top eight food ideas. Everything from ingredients that I make sure to ALWAYS have, to food apps I can’t live without, to Malbecs that I enjoy maybe too much, to food destinations. You’ll see what my family and I like to eat….so there won’t be much in the way of pork or beef. This is really what we are eating for dinner! There will be lots of cheesy, pasta-y garlicky goodness! Why eight, you ask?  Why not!

About Jen…

My name is Jen and I am SO glad you are visiting! I am a part time college and high school math teacher, part time blogger and full time mom to my adorable, sous chef son, Quinn. As my students will tell you, I am high energy and get VERY excited about the little things. I live in the burbs of Connecticut where farmer’s markets, vineyard picnics and checking out Anthropologie’s latest new styles (look for my aprons and dishware!) are just a couple of my favorite indulgent activities. Most of my influence in the kitchen comes from my step-mom and grandma. My Mac obsessed husband, A.K.A. The Hubbster, (also the dishwasher) is too a math teacher. Believe it or not, when we first met in Graduate School, he hated cheese and had a very limited palate. Little by little I am converting him to a food enthusiast who appreciates my plating efforts more than I expected.

Image Credit: Christy Dickman

About Top Ate...

All pictures on this site are taken by either me or my husband on either an iPhone...nothing fancy. I use daylight if I can, but sometimes it's is dark by the time we eat. All content is written exclusively by me unless otherwise noted. I am a big fan of the "...", so you'll see it A LOT! It means...I'm thinking. My sister-in-law, Christy Dickman, recently started a photography business and she took a some of the family pictures on this site. She is super talented and is so good with kids. Quinn is lucky to have her as an Auntie! Her fees are very reasonable. Email me if you are interested in contacting her.

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