Top Ate for Your iPad

Before you read today's post, you must know that I just walked into my kitchen to make a cup of cinnamon tea, but instead walked out with 3 slices of cheesy garlic bread. #seriousfoodbloggerproblems!
Ok, now that I got that off my chest...
I have a technology compulsion. The addiction was always there but it grew exponentially when I started blogging.  I literally start to sweat if I accidentally leave my iPhone at home. I twitch if my iPad battery dies unexpectedly.  Luckily, my husband has the same disease, so we don't really argue about it.  He could sit for hours and read  I could stay up all night tweeting my new food blogger friends and searching for my next great recipe inspiration.  It's so good bad! Due to the larger (than my phone) display and slim-line design, my iPad has proven to be my most helpful high tech tool. I have compiled a list of apps (most free) and accessories that make my time in the kitchen easier and way more fun!
1. Pepperplate App by Pepperplate Inc. {Free} Pepperplate is a digital recipe management system that syncs across all computers, smartphones and tablets. It seamlessly integrates with over 30 of the most popular recipes websites allowing users to upload and save recipes with a single click. Original recipes can be added manually as well.  The ability to access my recipes from anywhere has proved to be invaluable for recipe sharing and grocery shopping.  I never seem to remember to actually bring the list I made into the store!
2. Allrecipes is my favorite resource for recipes.  With over 700,000 recipes, finding any type of recipe is never an issue.  What really sets this site apart from all other recipe sites is the vast number of user ratings and comments, over 6.5 million.  After sorting the reviews by most helpful, I always find tips and tricks in the reviews that make a great recipe even better. Over the years, I have learned more about recipes and cooking techniques from this site than all other sites combined!
3. Kitchenpad™ Timer App by Touch Village {$1.99} There are several different timer apps available from iTunes but the visual nature of this app makes it stand out from the crowd.  The nine separate timers (five burners and four ovens) allow for the chef to manage many different cook times with ease.  The audio alerts and push notifications that run in the background help to ensure the pasta is perfectly al dente and that your bread won't burn!
4. MyFitnessPal app by MyFitnessPal, Inc. {Free} MyFitnessPal is a calorie counting and fitness tracking app that I use every time I feel my jeans getting tight (I should be using it now, read why here). Similar to Pepperplate, MyFitnessPal syncs across all devices, making it easy to log and keep track of calories from any location. The massive food and exercise databases store nutritional facts on virtually all foods and caloric expenditure data for every conceivable exercise.  Whether it's the non-fat sugar-free Starbucks latte or the chicken salad at the Whole Foods salad bar, I am almost always able to log calories for exactly what I am eating. Using the MyFitnessPal app has worked far better than any diet or exercise alone. The key is that you can eat whatever you want as long as you have calories left for that day. The app calculates an individual daily caloric intake based on age, sex, current weight, weight loss goals and exercise. Once that intake allowance runs out, nothng else goes in my mouth until the next day. It keeps me super honest! Other useful features include a bar code scanner and recipe builder. These guys could charge $10.00 and I would pay it!
5. Food Network In the Kitchen App by Television Food Network G.P. {Free} I love the Food Network!  I could sit around and watch Rachel Ray all day long!  This app categorizes all on-air recipes by show, chef and topic, making it easy to locate a recipe I just viewed on television.  As an added bonus, it has a easy-to-use measurement conversion feature for the math-phobic chefs.
6. Kitchen Cabinet Tablet Mount by Belkin {$39.99} There are several different cabinet mounts for tablets.  This one made my Top Ate because it is not a permanent fixture and is easily removable. It can be quickly moved around my kitchen and folds flat for easy storage in a drawer or cabinet. It is also compatible with the Disposible iPad covers below.
7. Disposable iPad Covers by The Orange Chef (Pack of 25) {$19.95} After all the kitchen use, my iPad was getting trashed.  I needed a minimalistic and easy-to-clean cover that would protect the iPad but would still allow it to fit in in a stand or mount.  What's easier than disposable?  I use one for a week or two, and then throw it out.  I also love that the entire iPad is covered and not just the screen as with other types of screen protectors.

8. Dishwasher Safe iPad Stand by The Orange Chef {$34.95}  We have established my love for anything that is dishwasher safe. Not only can this stand be thrown right in the dishwasher, but it will securely display your iPad in landscape or portrait view with the disposable covers.

What are your favorite high tech kitchen and cooking accessories?  Let me know in the comments!  I love hearing from you!

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