The Liebster Award

I've had the honor of being nominated for a Liebster Award by a fellow blogger CORNBREADANDHEELS!  My first thought was, "Wow, cool, an award!".  My second thought was, "What's a Leibster Award?" So, I googled it.  I found out that it's given to newbie food bloggers by other food bloggers.  It originated in Germany as a way to promote new food blogs.  There are a couple rules that I need to adhere to:

  1. Only food bloggers with less than 200 followers can be nominated.
  2. I must thank the blog that nominated me by linking back to them in this post. 
  3. To pass on the foodie blog love, I will nominate and link back to 5-10 other food blogs that I think are just great. Next, I'll post a message on their blogs telling them that they were nominated.
  4. No tag backs but blogs can receive the award more than once.
  5. I must answer 10 questions asked by  CORNBREADANDHEELS.   I also have to ask 10 questions to the bloggers that I nominate.
So here goes! 

Nine blogs that I think are just great:

Ten questions from CORNBREADANDHEELS for me to answer:

  1. What is your favorite animal? I'll be honest, I am not really an animal person. Don't hate me for it!
  2. If you were dropped off on a deserted island and you could only have three items with you what would they be and why? My hubby, my son and my iPhone
  3. What is your favorite kitchen gadget? Mircoplane Grater (Check out my Top Ate..Kitchen Gadgets)
  4. What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid? Wile E. Coyote
  5. Do you know what Underoos are, if so what were your favorite? Oh man, I don't! I just googled it. How did I not know this?
  6. What is the grossest/weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? I ate sea urchin at a sushi restaurant once. I was allergic. My lips blew up. It was bad.
  7. What would you like your last dinner to be? Fresh warm sourdough bread, a cheese smorgasbord and an Argentinean Malbec
  8. What is one holiday tradition your family has passed down to you? On Christmas Eve, we have a surf and turf meal. Lobsters, Mussels and Steak. Yum-O!
  9. What do you think has been the single worst fashion trend? The jeans tucked into the socks from the '80s. Awful.
  10. What is your favorite gift you’ve ever given someone? Ehh, this is a tough one.  I LOVE giving gifts.  I guess I have to go with Oprah tickets for my mom's 50th birthday.

Ten Questions for my nominees to answer when they post:

  1. What is your favorite post from your blog?
  2. Whats your favorite: Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest?
  3. What is your strength as a blogger?
  4. What is your most memorable meal?
  5. Wine, beer or spirits?
  6. What ingredient could not not live without?
  7. What is your top desired travel destination?
  8. What is your favorite food blog? (Mine is How Sweet Eats.  She is amazing!)
  9. What state/country do you live in?
  10. What are you blogging goals?

Happy blogging!  I am thrilled to connect with all of you!


Kim said...

Great answers! Thanks for sharing! The blogs you've included are great!

Caitlin said...

i really like these kinds of posts because i love to learn more about fellow bloggers. those oprah tickets sound like such a great gift. tickets are an awesome present because you get the excitement of getting them and then the excitement of the event itself later. once my sister got me taylor swift tickets for xmas and i had 6 months to look forward to the actual concert!

Top Ate on Your Plate said...

Thanks Caitlin. I agree! Thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

Hi jen thanks for the blog nominee and for stopping by as well!! Great to know that there are also like minded foodies who share the love for glorious food :). haha I'm allergic to sea urchin as well. I once ate it and had rashes for a few mths ;S!

Top Ate on Your Plate said...

Thank YOU for stopping by too!