Top Ate...Farmer's Market Finds for Under $20

Many people go to church on Sunday mornings to worship, reflect and be at peace within themselves.  I go to the Coventry Farmer's Market where I worship the baked goods and reflect on the wine and cheese pairings that I am inspired to create. On our weekly Sunday morning trips, I circle the vendors three or four times (my husband is so patient), always finding something new to gawk at, that I didn't see on the last pass.  I dream about the day when I can do all my grocery shopping at the market. At this point, that dream doesn't jive with our family budget.  So, each Sunday, I bring $20-40 cash and only allow myself that much.  I always get something to enjoy while walking around.  This week, I indulged in a donut and iced tea. Last week, it was chicken tacos from The Taco Truck...I won't get into that, I'll get drool on the keyboard.  I typically also splurge on one or two more expensive items.  This week it was the fish and fresh pasta.  
So, the moral of THIS story is go hungry, watch your wallet, but enjoy the beauty that Connecticut has to offer. This market is truly one of a kind.  

Farmer's Market Find: Garlic 1. Head of Garlic: $0.75   This was the deal of the day! The individual cloves are huge.  When its in season, I buy a head every week and use a clove or two (or more if I don't have to talk to people the next day) each night. Since it's so fresh, the garlicky goodness stretches further.  Purchased at: Oxen Hill Farm

Farmer's Market Find: Donut2. Apple Cider Donut: $1.00 Faddy's doesn't mess around.  They mean business with their donut making.  Their line is long, but we always wait.  It's worth it.  The donuts are made about 30 seconds before we eat them...still piping hot, crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. Purchased at: Faddy's Donuts

Farmer's Market Find: Iced Tea3. Black Cherry Berry Iced Tea: $1.50  Brewed to perfection, this beverage was the perfect light and refreshing complement to my donut. As a side note, the Tea Ladies have the most mouth watering baked good spread at the market.  Even if you aren't buying, it's worth window shopping.  Purchased at: The Liberty Tea Ladies

Farmer's Market Find: Cilnatro
4. Cilantro: $2.00  What a deal! I LOVE Mexican food, so therefore, I love cilantro!  I think it might be my favorite herb...well basil too...and rosemary. I just made some fresh guacamole with it. Purchased at: Highland Thistle Farm

Farmer's Market Find: Baguette

5. Baguette: $3.00 This guy has the perfect combo of crunchy outside with chewy soft inside.  With cheese...enough said. 
Purchased at: Soleil and Suns Bakery

Farmer's Market Find: Apples
6. Box of Gala Apples (8): $3.00  I got eight apples that were sweet, crisp, and just picked from the tree.  Quinn and I ate them all week with our breakfast. I must also mention that the gentleman who works this stand is as sweet as could be.  I always look forward to my weekly 10 second exchange with him! Purchased at: Purity Farm
Farmer's Market Find: Fresh Pasta
7.One Pound Fresh Linguine: $4.00 We are all aware of my adoration of pasta.  If you not aware, click here.  These guys are the real deal.  It's just as good as making it yourself without all the work! Boil for 2-3 minutes and voila!  Try this recipe: Linguine with Goat Cheese and Pesto Purchased at: DiFiore

Farmer's Market Find: Bluefish
8. Bluefish (2/3 lb): $4.75 It's hard, but certainly doable, to purchase a protein at the farmer's market while staying within a budget.  It was caught the morning I purchased it.  I cooked it that night with a red onion compote.  Look for this recipe in the next couple weeks! Purchased at: The Fish Market

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