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Well here we go, my first blog post.  I have to admit, I am a little nervous about putting my ideas out there, but I am so glad that an old college beer pong partner turned genuine friend (Hi Sarah!) pushed me to do it!  If one of these ingredients is missing from my kitchen, I KNOW I really need to go to the store. 

1. Cheese: As a good friend (Amar, that's you!) has always said, "It's not a meal without cheese."  And it's so true!  I honestly can't remember the last time I went more than 24 hours without cheese.   Goat, cheddar, parmesan, blue....a couple of my favorites but certainly not a complete list.  It will be rare to find a recipe on this site without cheese.  Cheese is the reason I jog....well that and pasta.  Watch out when you put the two about portion control problems...

2. Garlic: The fresher the better.  It's a small sin to use that jarred stuff. (Thanks for teaching me that Lissa!)  When it's in season, I get it at our local farmer's market.  The cloves are the size of a wine cork! I grate it, I smoosh it,I chop it, I dice it, I slice it.  I sautee it, I bake it, I boil it, I roast it, I eat it raw. I try not to do that last one before having to teach the next morning.  

3. Apple Cider Vinegar: An unexpected Top Ate.  I use it in dressings as my go to vinegar.  I use it to deglaze a pan.  It adds a bit of acidity with a subtle sweetness....not to mention all the recently publicized health benefits.  Google it!

4. Vidalia Onions:  I HATE to cry when cooking...and I don't have to with these guys!  They provide mega flavor without the caloric intake; my favorite kind of ingredient!  Vidalia onions, as I recently found out from my know-it-all husband (well his iPhone knows it all), are the state vegetable of Georgia.  The Vidalia Onion Festival is held annually in Vidalia, Georgia.

Fresh Herbs from Top Ate on Your Plate
5. Fresh Herbs: Dried doesn't hold a candle.  Basil is probably my favorite, followed closely by cilantro and rosemary.  I seem to be using quite a bit of cilantro lately.  My husband has a thing for Tex-Mex....ok, I'll admit it's really me and I project it onto him.  Fresh herbs kick up the flavor without creating a bottleneck in my already narrow arteries!

Tomatoes from Top Ate on Your Plate
6. Tomatoes:  While I do love all tomatoes equally and I do not play favorites, I have to admit I have a certain draw to plum tomatoes.  They always seem to be the least expensive (this is especially good for the off season) and are perfect in sauces, on a sandwich or just in a salad.  Tomatoes are just another one of those ingredients that packs a punch of flavor while not packing on the pounds to your butt, hips and thighs!  

Olive Oil from Top Ate on Your Plate
7. Olive Oil: How could this not be on my list?  It goes in the skillet at the beginning of every meal to get the juices flowing.  It gives beautiful color to meats and veggies.  Unless a recipe makes it absolutely necessary, I always replace butter with olive oil.  It's healthier and, in my opinion, tastier!

Salt from Top Ate on Your Plate
8. Salt: I know there are people out there (my dad is one of them!) with high blood pressure who really have to limit their salt intake.  I feel bad for them.  A meal without salt is like a day without sunlight...bland and boring.


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