How to Make a Wine Cork Reindeer

How to Make a Wine Cork Reindeer
How to Make a Wine Cork Reindeer


  • 7 wine corks (4 identical)
  • 1 black or brown pipe cleaner
  • Two fuzzy balls (I used red)
  • 2 small eye balls
  • 1 4 inch piece of ribbon to use as a scarf
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • paperclip 
  • 5mm eye screw
  • twine or hook for hanging


  1. Glue two wine corks together with one end (the body) fastened to the side (the neck) of the other. Wait about a minute for it to dry.  Glue a third wine cork (the head) the the top of the neck. Wait about a minute for it to dry.  
  2. Using the 4 identical corks, glue the four legs onto the body of the wine cork so that the reindeer stands up.
  3. Glue a red fuzzy ball onto the body as a tail and the head as a nose.  
  4. Use a paperclip to drive holes into the head for the antlers.  Cut the pipe cleaners to the desired length and wrap smaller pieces of pipe cleaner to create branches on the antlers. Stick them into the holes created by the paper clip. 
  5. Prop the eyes up on the antlers and use the glue gun to fasten them.  
  6. Wrap the ribbon around the neck and fasten around the neck with the glue gun. The ribbon does not have to be fasten to the reindeer and can move freely around the neck.
  7. Screw an eye screw into the back of the reindeer's head right behind the antlers.  Lace twine or a hook through the eye screw to hanger the ornament.
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